Adam Clark Search

Adam Clark Search

April 1st, Adam’s mother contacted us to search, a portion of the Mississippi River, for her son. His car was previously found, with no signs of Adam. They have exhausted land searches during the five weeks that he has been missing. On Sunday April 1st,   Beth and I traveled to Minneapolis, MN. We arrived at Hidden Falls Boat Landing and met with Jay. Jay is affiliated with United Legacy, a group that has been conducting land searches and has offered to assist us. We searched the area of interest. As always in the Mississippi River, there are a lot of objects on the bottom. We found an object of interest. I knew this had to be checked out. The Hennepin County Water Patrol was conducting a shoreline search in the area, so we called them over. They agreed that is was a target of interest. They have an ROV (remote operated vehicle) and offered to check the target out. They assembled their team and came out, but had problems with their ROV and were unable to check the target. As it was getting late, we agreed to stay the night and to put our new ROV in, to check the target the next morning.  

On Monday, we recruited one of Bruce’s Legacy’s Board Members, Josh Knutson to help. We met with the Water Patrol and went back to the search area. We located the target but found it to be a log, with a branch and weeds hanging on it. We felt we had searched to rest of the area of interest in the most thorough, but safe manner as possible.

This is an unwitnessed case, there are not many leads for anyone to go on. Searches can eliminate areas of possibility. I truly hope Adams shows up someday alive and that he just needed time away. For the family, I hope they can get answers soon. 

***Adam was found April 8th by a tug boat operator on Saturday approximately 20 river miles from where his car was located. Our heart felt condolences go out to the family and friends of Adam.


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