Day 11 of Kwethluk SAR in Alaska

Below is the article from the Bethel Sar website about a search near Kwethluk on theKuskoquak Slough. So far there have been no new developments and Keith is packed and ready to go north, flying out Friday. Keith is anxious to lend a helping hand and share some knowledge about working searches on the ice. It’s very different from using the sonar on open water. A tremendous amount of more planning, assistance and equipment are involved to create clear, sonar images.


Day 11 started with rain and snow mixed and a new hope for the recovery of those still lost. As about 35 people worked tirelessly around auger holes and new trenches strung along the ice, the feeling was not of despair, but of optimism and a knowledge of traditional beliefs that soon..soon…. both who have been missing will be brought to their families. But also knowing that the belief of wishing for something to intently, may not occur. And realizing if one talks of anything else besides the current mission, success is more likely. All part of a belief long ingrained in cultural understanding.

Day 11 ended without new developments and no new clues….


The Kwethluk crew surrounding a large hole in the ice today talked of returning on Christmas Day and the need to continue on and of upcoming techniques that they can try. Places they may have missed or of people that may have not searched in specific areas. Talk of the upcoming new techniques with the sonar machine expected to arrive the day after Christmas was discussed with a desire to bring closure. Many also spoke of the volunteers who have been helping and the need for more people to assist to complete the trenches needed for the sonar, and the thankfulness of the food that supporters have been providing.

The Christmas season is here and the celebration of a new beginning is upon us all. We pray for all in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta to be safe as they travel to visit families and friends. We,  the BSAR family wish to remind everyone traveling to always file a travel plan with  friends, relatives and or your local VPSO or law enforcement. We also wish everyone the joys of Christmas, the happiness of families, and the kinship we all share.

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