New Denver British Columbia Search

New Denver British Columbia Search bruces legacy

Call it fate or call it what you will; we had a chance encounter with a wonderful woman in Canada, February of this year. We flew into Vancouver and scheduled a float plane to fly us to Nanaimo Bay on Vancouver Island. Scheduled  were 3 days of training with Seamore Marine and our new ROV-remote operated vehicle.

Since the weather wasn’t cooperating our flight was cancelled and the alternative route left us hopping a bus, subway and taxi ride to get to the ferry which was a 2 hour ride to Nanaimo Bay. Kathy Nicholls who lives on Vancouver Island was in the same predicament, only she knew her way around. She let us ride her coat tails and held our hand navigating the jaunt to the ferry boat.

Sometimes when you travel you meet people you want to run from and others you could sit for hours with. Fortunately, Kathy was the latter. We had a few hours together sharing, laughing and she showed us some amazing footage of the orcas hunting dolphins in the bay where we were staying. When the ferry arrived in Nanaimo Bay, I though that would probably be the last we’d see her, as is what happens with most traveling encounters from my experience. You enjoy the person and the moment for what it’s worth and then move on.

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed Kathy’s presence and would love to spend more time with her, I’m saddened to say we will be meeting again soon but on terms we could’ve least expected. Tragically her grandson, Skye and 2 other friends are missing in Slocan Lake, New Denver, British Columbia from a canoe accident. A fourth victim , 19 year old Lily Harmer-Taylor, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kathy contacted us Tuesday and informed us of the heartbreaking situation. Kathy and the RCMP have asked us to make our way so that we can assist the search and recovery, utilizing our sonar and rov equipment. 1734 miles and 27 hours of drive time are not stopping us from helping Kathy, her family and the and the New Denver community. At the moment of writing this we are in Billings Montana for the night. We have already driven 14 hours today and have another 13 hours of driving ahead of us. I’m copying content below from an article regarding the canoe accident and will continue to keep this case updated. We will post again Friday night. New Denver British Columbia Search


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is calling in side-scan radar and an underwater remote vehicle to find three missing males in a southeastern B.C. lake that could be as deep as 210 metres. (630 feet)

RCMP divers on Tuesday wrapped up another day’s search for 15-year-old Jule Wiltshire-Padfield, 21-year-old Hayden Kyle and 19-year-old Skye Donnet.

They were among a group of four involved in a Saturday canoeing accident on Slocan Lake near the mountain village of New Denver that also claimed the life of 19-year-old Lily Harmer-Taylor.

RCMP Sgt. Darryl Little says divers searched an area of the lake known as Bigelow Bay on Tuesday and have now asked Emergency Management BC for additional equipment.

He says the lake is more than 120-metres deep where the canoe overturned, and is estimated to be between 180 and 210 metres in other areas.

Little says the divers will continue their underwater work on Wednesday.

Complete Article Here by the Calgary Herald

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