ROV Remote Operated Vehicle

For the past couple of months we have been looking at remote operated vehicles or ROV’s. We are convinced it’s a crucial piece of equipment needed to conduct our operations. Below are the two models we are weighing our options on. A decision will be made next week as to which unit we will be purchasing.

Our Klein System 3900 does a phenomenal job of getting us images of what’s under the waters surface yet too often we see items that we cannot be 100% certain what they are. It’s frustrating not knowing what these items may or may not be. A body underwater doesn’t always stand out clearly due to many factors. These factors can pose serious delays in locating a loved one and possibly avoid detection all together. This, we definitely want to avoid.

Sending a diver down isn’t always feasible. It would require more personnel, time and it’s more risky. Sending an ROV down to put ‘eyes’ on a target is more practical and safer. These machines are capable of deep depths, fast currents, zero visibility and save time.  Here is a good video example of what these can do. CLICK HERE

It’s no secret we are a nonprofit that operates with donations. We volunteer our time and resources but we need your help to purchase an ROV. Please consider any amount, no matter how large or small and know that you are helping make the difference for families who are missing a loved one.

“It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen that is the common right of humanity.” — Seneca the Elder

Donations can be made online here: DONATE

Seamore ROV Seamore ROV

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