Search and Recovery ROV

We have mentioned we are currently seeking donations specifically to purchase an ROV -Remotely Operated Vehicle. Having an ROV to assist in search and recovery operations without furthering human risk, will be a huge asset. ROVs have been used widely to aid first responders in recovering drowning victims throughout the world.

We’ want to display some images to help you understand what they look like. The below model is currently favored for the type of operations we conduct.

We were at a trade show in Orlando Florida this past October for s scuba diving convention. There were a hand full of companies attending who made ROV’s and two models were available in a large pool where we could demo the models. The technology is impressive considering what type of underwater elements can be navigated. 3-4 knots of current can be managed with certain models depending on the thrusters installed.

Additional options include side scan sonar and grappling arms. The sonar is a necessity in darker waters where visibility is limited. Imagine driving your car blindfolded. That’s what it’s like scuba diving and driving an ROV. Having the sonar allows you to steer in the direction of the object that is reflecting back a signal-converted to a sonar image on the screen. Once close enough to the object, hopefully visibility is such where the ROV camera allows the driver to get a good look at the object. From there it’s possible the object can be identified if it’s unknown.

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