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Purpose of Bruce’s Legacy

Did you know every day; about ten people die from unintentional drowning accidents? Of these, two are children aged 14 or younger. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the United States.

Our organization is driven from a deep seated belief that all families should be allowed closure in the death of a loved one as much as possible. This experience of losing a loved one from a tragic drowning accident comes from very direct, personal experiences.  Read about Bruce Cormican

First of all, our organization exists to provide resolution to families, who have lost a loved one due to a drowning or water related incident. People of differing cultures, religions etc., have varying ways of mourning and showing respect for the deceased but all have one thing in common; having the body present at some point of their ritual or process of disposition. If a victim drowns but is never located, it’s much more difficult and painful for that family to say goodbye and move forward in the healing process.

Secondly we aim to provide education to communities, law enforcement, fire departments and government agencies in the rescue and recovery of victims, crime scene evidence and/or obstructions in waterways.

Our third aspect is reaching out to the people with disabilities that can medically participate in scuba diving activities. Scuba diving is a known form of rehabilitation for someone that is confined to a wheelchair or unable to move body-parts. Being underwater allows them more movement and gives them a sense of being more equal.

Bruce’s Legacy uses a Side-Scan Sonar to ‘look’ underwater. This is a 4 foot long device that looks similar to a ‘torpedo’ attached to a cable, which is then towed by a boat. This ‘torpedo’ is called a Tow Fish and it emits pulses of sonar thru the water which is received by a transponder and computer on the boat. The special software interprets those pulses into data displayed as images of the bottom on the computer screen.

By using sonar, you can cover wide stretches in the water looking at a computer screen, rather than sending divers down and putting them in danger. The sonar allows us to be safer, more efficient and it allows us to minimize the time we actually put divers in the water.

One of the benefits we acquire from technology is the opportunity to conduct safer operations than those of previous years. The sonar technology we are incorporating does just that; reduces the amount of man-hours and workforce typically needed, thus reducing liability and the chance for un-wanted accidents.

Our systematic approach aims to assists dive teams and makes their efforts less risky, less time consuming, less costly and more efficient in search and recovery operations. We simply will locate the target and have the local dive team recover the object. However, in many instances, smaller counties with limited funding do not have dive teams. That is where we can offer our many years of Public Safety and Rescue Diving experience, to then dive and recover a victim.

The circumstances are what they are no matter how tragic, yet our approach is always that of compassion and fortitude to persevere and provide resolution.

This is a volunteer organization, which relies on donations from businesses and individuals. Please help us, to help others and make a donation using our Paypal option here.

Please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our Bruce’s Legacy Facebook page to help spread our awareness. We hope you never need our services but for those that do, we ask you to help with a donation to keep us moving forward and assisting those families in need. Every bit will help afford another family the chance to bring closure.

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