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Roger Goodell – Found

October 27th

Roger Goodell Updateroger

On Saturday October 25th Roger Goodell’s body was recovered from the Mississippi River. Roger went missing two weeks prior while fishing with a friend. Their boat got pulled into the hydraulics of the river just below lock #9 in Lynxville WI. On Sunday evening Scott was contacted by Kay, a Face book friend about this accident and gave us a family contact number. I contacted them and they agreed to have us come down to run our Klein 3900 sonar system to locate their family member. We traveled 110 miles that Monday, Wednesday and Friday to aid in his recovery. As in every case we get involved with we met many good people and made more friends. This small community pulled together along with many nearby departments to search for Roger. During our three days of search we did a test which I believe proved to be very interesting. Two jugs tied on a line, one full to flow along the bottom and one empty and sealed to float. This was put where Roger fell out of the boat. This was an eye opener for that the jugs where pulled down and into the gates and got hung up. A second test was done but this time further away from the gates with the same results. I believed that this was very likely where Roger could be hung up as time went on and not located downstream. I made the suggestion that this area needs to be checked out. The lock folks made this happen which was not an easy task Friday the 24rd. I wish more people could see the forces that this river produces.

We were invited to stop by the Wooden Nickel on our way out of the area for supper on the owner. We got to know more about Roger during this visit and from our new friends on Face book. It is apparent that Roger was quite a character and loved by many in the area. As friends and relatives gathered on Saturday the 25th to celebrate his life, it was interesting that this is the day that he was found. They say he was not one to miss a good party! RIP Roger, you left good memories that many will cherish.

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